Why Kids Need Camp | Camp Ramaquois (Day Camp)

Why Kids Need Camp

Attending Camp Ramaquois can be a life changing experience for a child.  Of course camp is fun for everyone, but did you know about the other benefits of attending Camp Ramaquois?

Ramaquois Promotes Community. It creates the great space that shows kids how to get along together and care for one another.

Ramaquois is an Equal Opportunity Life Changer. It addresses universal childhood needs not specific to particular race and ethnic groups.  Nobody is left out.  It’s all about childhood development.

Ramaquois is a Special Place. Camp is a place where kids can practice growing up, stretching their social, emotional, physical and cognitive muscles outside the context of their immediate family. This is what childhood is supposed to provide.

The Ramaquois Experience Embraces the Natural Environment. Today’s children have fewer and fewer opportunities to be outdoors. The camp experience advances the outdoor learning environment.  As we become more and more concerned about saving the planet, our children need to experience the environment for it to be appreciated.  Kids need to admire the trees and woods, feel the sun on their face, enjoy the beauty of the lake and understand their environment.

Ramaquois Creates Future Leaders. The camp experience offers kids a close up look at great role models for kids to admire.

Ramaquois has a Lasting Impact. One of the greatest gifts you can give a child is a sense of success and achievement.  Camp teaches kids how to be active participants, ask questions, ask for help, and try new things.  The camp experience translates back to the real world experience in an I CAN ATTITUDE!

In short, a high quality summer camp experience is a necessary complement to the school experience.  Ramaquois fills in the gaps in a child’s experience and helps create kind , caring and successful adults.