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Camp Ramaquois Reviews and Testimonials

 My camp memories are incredible ones and I wouldn’t have my job today if it weren’t from a friendship from my Ramadays.
Arthur and Natalie, you built an amazing place for lasting memories for a lifetime.. thank you!!!
Lisa Katz (Alumna)
Ramaquois was a great experience and I can’t wait to come back for my second summer next year 🙂

Hailey S. (Camper 12)

I can not thank you enough, words could not express our joy and gratitude.  You and I have known one another going on our 3rd summer since Sydney started when she was three.  You and I became friendly right from the start when we had to arrange for her being the youngest and only harnessed child on the bus! You took care of everything she needed and all the arrangements and Sydney would eagerly jump into her seat with the harness that was waiting there for her each day the bus would show up!  For all that’s gone on for us this past year and for all the hardship and changes we have faced in our life there couldn’t be a more important time or more special gift than Ramaquois for our daughter.  Ramaquois is not just a camp to us but an extension of our family and has played such an important role in our’s and Sydney’s life.  Sydney is now five years old and Ramaquois has played such an important role in shaping her into the child she is today.  Ramaquois has had such an impact on who she is as a person.  It has taught her confidence, team building, goal setting and the social piece.  It has taught her about taking chances, trying new sports and to laugh and sing.  It has been everything and we see her development coming out after camp each summer.  Sydney is everything to us and Ramaquois is everything to her.  It really is.  Thank you for this beautiful gift you have given us.  We have every intention to return year after year!  Ramaquois is not only part  of our conversation and hearts in the summer but year round.

Danielle (Sydney’s Mom)

To my Ramaquois family,
It’s times like these that remind me why I continue to come back to Ramaquois year after year. The support and care I received as a camper never came to an end even when I became a counselor. Ramaquois is not only a place to build memories but to build strength as a person. A place that teaches you that you can find a sense of home and family in people who you would likely never have crossed roads with.

– Staff Member (19)

love Camp Ramaquois. It is going to be my 5th year. Go Boys’ Side!

Michael G. (Camper 8)

I love Ramaquois and I can’t wait to go back next year as my 8th summer!!!!!!
Zoe (Camper – 11)

i love this camp because i make new friends and always have fun!!!
maddy (Camper – 9)

I want to stay here until I am a staff. 
Christopher (Camper – 9)

best first day EVER!!!!!!!!!!
jemma (Camper – 7)

I love Ramaquois so much!! It is the best camp I had ever been to! This is going to be my second year a Ramaqouis and I am so excited.Also,this year I get to go to Hersey Park for one night! I love Ramaquois its the best!!!!!!
Caroline (Camper – 11)

ramaquios is the best camp on earth there is no camp better i never want to go to sleep away camp i want to stay here
Ruby (Camper – 9)

I love Camp Ramaquois! It’s the place where people accept me for who I am,where I make friends for life. I really enjoy my counselors! They always know how to have a blast! They are super hilarious. Lastly, I have friends who I’ve met in Debs and are my BEST friends today. 
A’dreana (Camper – 11)

My daughter is so excited for the summer! Always a blast at Ramaquois!!
Maria (Parent)

I love Ramaquois so much and i cant wait till the summer!
Caroline (Camper – 10)

I love it! I had my best summers there.

I am so happy to see that Cam Ramaquois I still here and even with all the new programs, so much is still the same ! From the Middies to the CAP program, I spent 12+ years at Ramaquois. LOVE it.
Robin Lonstein ( Shatz) (Alumnus – 48)

I have been at ramaquois for many years now and i will never leave i am looking forward to this summer
Julia (Camper – 11)

I love Ramaquois!!!! This year will be my twelfth summer.Thank you for making each summer so special. I have made so many friends and so many amazing memories!!!!I can’t wait to come back this summer!!
Jocelyn (Camper – 14)

Both my children had wonderful experiences there and we will never forget you. Of all the places my kids go (sports, classes, other camps when they were younger, school, etc) we have never had a better experience. Ramaquois is the warmest, best run, caring, loving, up to date, organized of them all. Each summer I was more impressed than the last. You think of everything! And I am a tough customer! I am proud and grateful to have been a part of the family. Thank you for everything. My hat is off to you all.
Bonnie S. (Parent)

Ramaquois is my 2nd home i met so many friends i will have forever
Jamie (Camper – 11)

I love camp Ramaquios and I miss everyone so much.
Caroline (Camper – 10)

I cannot begin to express the wonderful atmosphere of Ramaquois. This past summer was my first, and certainly will not be my last. It was amazing to see my campers learn new things and smile everyday. I cherish my memories from last summer and am beyond excited for summer ’13. I’ve found my second home.
Kate (Staff Member – 18)

This is the first job I’ve ever had, and Ramaquois provided me with such a wonderful and memorable experience. The entire staff is so welcoming and caring, and the campers are awesome, too! Can’t wait for next summer!
Sarah (Staff Member)

ok, i had to share! i was tucking my son to sleep tonight and he said “mom, do you grow when you sleep?” so i said yes and he said “then i never want to sleep so i can always be little and stay in junior camp forever”. just a testament to how great Ramaquois is and how it’s seen through the eyes of a 5 year old… 🙂
Alyssa (Parent)

i had so much fun this year
samantha (Camper – 8)

This is my 13 year old son’s fifth year at Ramaquois. He looks forward to camp each year passionately. Arthur and Natalie should run the country, they are so organized.
Gordon (Parent – 61)

My brother and I were campers at Ramaquios a long time ago! I was a camper for 10 years, and then a counselor for 4. I have the most amazing memories of camp Ramaquios!! Now I am grown, and the mom of a 7-year old boy. I still keep in touch with some friends that I made as a camper, and we share many of the same wonderful memories (learning how to water ski on the machine, candies, cook-outs, Rama Games…the list goes on and on). I tell my son about Ramaquios all the time! Thank you so much for the memories!!!
Amy (Alumnus – 42)

I love Ramaquois because I try new things, and I met a lot of my friends here. A day without Ramaquois is a day without fun.
Tyler (Camper – 12)

I had so much fun at this camp and cant wait to come back!!!
Sam C. (Camper – 8)

Ramaqouis is awesome the best camp ever!
Caroline (Camper – 8)

I love Camp Ramaquois. I can’t wait for this summer and can’t wait to see you guys! Love, Zachary S.
Zachary (Camper – 7)

My child has been at Ramaquois since the 3rd grade. This is her last year as a camper and she is already depressed about it. As a parent, the worst thing about this camp is that my daughter loved it so much and is so sad about leaving that it pains me to witness it. She tried a couple of sleep-aways a few times and enjoyed it but not enough to give up this camp. This is a great day camp with beautiful facilities. The memories are cherished and priceless. I envy all the new families with kids starting at Camp Ramaquois. It sure goes by way too fast.
J (Parent)

I’ve never been to Ramaquois but I’m so excited to come this year! My friends go every summer!
Caroline (Camper – 8)

Some of my best memories were created at Ramaquois in the 60s. Attaining Mt. Olympus, taking part in plays like Damn Yankees and Fiddler that we put on. The greatest staff and friends. Great times 
David Mesinger (Alumnus – 60)

I haven’t been to Camp Ramaquois yet. But it looks really fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cece (Camper – 9)

I went to Ramaquois for 6 years. Ramaquois has been and always will be my summer home.
Caitlin G. (Alumnus – 17)

i always have the best possible year 
Maddie (Camper – 9)

Thanks for helping our son enjoy the trips so much this summer. We think he liked the trip meetings as much as the outings. He never felt so adventuresome as he did at Ramaquois! Natalie and Arthur are a gift to parents. Thank you for another great summer!
George & Anna (Parent)

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for so many wonderful years at Ramaquois. My boys, Ben and Luke, went to Ramaquois for a total of 7 years. The wonderful experiences helped Ben ease into sleepaway camp and Luke will follow next summer. Ramaquois was nothing short of exciting, friendship building, nurturing, fun and extremely well staffed. Everything from the bus ride to the care with the nurses to the group leaders was so well oiled and professional. Thank you for helping my boys learn to cherish the meaning of camp! It will stay with them forever and ever! Best wishes to you, your family and future Ramaquois campers.
Wendy (Parent)

I would like to thank you very much for providing such a wonderful experience for my son this summer. I am so impressed with the professional, warm and highly spirited atmosphere you have created. Sending Charlie to Ramaquois was one of the best decisions I have made as a Mom, and I have been a Mom for almost 15 years! Everything that I wanted for my son to get out of this summer he did. He was made to feel comfortable and secure. He was well cared for and best of all he had so much fun!
Beth (Parent)

The extra attention from your staff was never unnoticed, and always appreciated. You lead by example, top down. David grew so much this summer, and gained confidence.
Jeffrey (Parent)

We wanted to take a moment to thank you for making our daughter’s first summer incredible. As the summer progressed, she came home each day with a bigger smile and more wonderful stories of her day. Between swim, tennis, music and Ramagames, she experienced so much that she enthusiastically embraced.
Mark and Beth (Parent)

We wanted to thank the entire staff of Camp Ramaquois for providing a wonderful summer for Matthew. This was his fourth summer at Ramaquois and he loved every minute of it.
Nicole and Jeff (Parent)

A huge thank you to Ramaquois! Zachary had a blast! He can’t wait for next year!

Every person we met, division leaders, group leaders, counselors, bus driver and bus counselor, has a “special gift” to treat my children well. They couldn’t be better!
Maria (Parent)

This was the best summer ever. Thank you for making my first summer camp experience so much fun. Can’t wait to do it again!
Taylor (Camper)

Camp is an amazing experience. The 2011 Season just finished, but that means there’s a new experience for 2012! CAMP RAMAQUOIS IS THE BEST!
Jackson R. (Camper – 11)

This is the best camp in the history of camps!
Jackson R. (Camper – 11)

Zoe (Camper – 9)

I love this camp!
austin t. (Camper – 10)

I love this camp, I also have a friend who would love to come next year and be in camp with me!
Matthew E. (Camper – 10)

I have only been at camp for 2 years but I regret the years that I was not at camp Ramaquois!
Amanda (Camper – 11)

I love being a Co-Ed! I made so many new friends in just 4 weeks and I will be with them forever. I want to come back every year!
Gabby (Camper – 10)

This is the best camp I’ve ever been to. The counselors are my favorite part of camp.
Meredith (Camper – 12)

This is my fist year and I love it so far!
Matthew B. (Camper – 9)

There is not a better place in the world to spend the summer. During those long, endless winter days, I look forward to the beautiful camp grounds, the amazing activities and my countless friends! Ramaquois is my family! 
Richard (Staff Member)

I went to the camp for two months in 1955 when it was a sleepaway camp. I had just turned 5 in April. I was the youngest camper that summer! I still have a picture of myself in a too big camp t-shirt.
Lyn L. (Alumnus – 61)

I always have great summers here at Ramaquois!! I am never going to spend a summer without Ramaquois!!
Arabella K. (Camper – 9)

I love camp Ramaquois so much!! I love to look at all of the different pictures that were taken at the end of each week:) I had a great first week of camp this week! RAMA 2011 ROCKS!!!!!!
Rachel N. (Camper – 10)

Ramaquois is the best thing that happened in my life

This is my 6th summer at Ramaquois. Every year, I count down until I finally return to my summer home. I love everything from the food and activites to the spirit and friendships that I hold throughout the school year.
Marissa D. (Camper)

TESSA (Camper – 8)

I had so much fun at Ramaquois!
Ben N. (Camper – 11)

i love camp because there are a lot of fun things to do here i never want to leave 
Anonymous (Camper – 6)

I love this camp! 
Sera P. (Camper – 8)

I can’t wait to go to camp next year!
Rachel (Camper – 9)

Best summers ever and friendships I made in the early 1960’s. Happy to see the tradition lives on.
Paul Martin (Alumnus – 61)

Ava K. (Camper – 11)

Camp still looks great!! 

I was an Arts and Crafts counselor in 1950. I carved a totem pole for the camp site! 
Richard. Allan (Staff Member – 79)

Ramaquois has been my summer home for over 20 years. It has made a lasting impact on me and in turn has allowed me to pass on my passion for camp to today’s children. The best times of the year, every year! 
Brian M. (Staff Member – 28)

I have absolutely nothing bad to say about Ramaquois – it was simply WONDERFUL!!!!
Andrew (Staff Member – 17)

This camp has given my child a summer home. He is able to reconnect with old friends as well as create bonds that are oh so strong with new friends. Thanks Rama!
Shannon (Parent – 39)

Ramaquois is such a major part of who I am today. Every summer of my life from the time I was 4 until I was 20 was spent there. I still have a lot of friends from camp and I will always have some of my best memories from camp. Ramaquois is a very special place.
Benji (Alumnus – 23)

I have spent some of my best summers as a camper at Camp Ramaquois and then went on to become a counselor. I am still friends with the people I met when I was 12 yrs old. It is a place that will always welcome you back with open arms.
Traci L. (Alumnus – 29)

Even though I started late compared to most in my group (age 11), Ramaquois quickly became my “summer home” in no time. I ended up staying for 10 summers and every time I thought it was my last, I just had to come back. There are no words to describe the memories, the friendships and the laughs I carry with me everyday because of my time at Rama-land. I wish I could still be there today. It all came full circle when I went to visit this past summer with my husband to show him my old stomping ground…nothing will ever compare!!!! 
Jamie S. (Alumnus – 29)

I couldn’t imagine spending my summer anywhere but Camp Ramaquois. I love spending time with my campers, and I have friendships with other staff members. Can’t wait to go back!
Melissa C. (Staff Member – 23)

I am a 3rd generation staff-camper and have worked at Rama for years. This camp is amazing!
Becca (Alumnus – 19)

I had been a camp parent for many years before i became a staff member. i loved the camp as a parent and i love it even more as a staff member. 
jamie (Staff Member)

Ramaquois is a place where every child feels special – what more could you ask for? I’ve made so many great friends while making a difference in campers’ lives.
Stefanie (Staff Member – 21)

The countdown until camp was always so exciting and once I got there it was even better!
Stefanie (Alumnus – 21)

I love Camp Ramaquois so much! Its my summer home and a fantastic place to grow as a person! I miss and love my campers and friends! 
Ali (Staff Member – 18)

I’ve been going to Ramaqouis for 3 years already and I always have so much fun going in the lake and being with my friends. Every summer I go I don’t wanna leave.
Sara A (Camper – 13)

Ramaquois has been a part of my life for over 35 yrs. I was a camper throughout childhood, then a counselor for the CAPs and Seniors, and today I am a very proud parent of two Ramaquois campers, Sammi and Jake, who LOVE Camp Ramaquois. It is great hearing them talk about their friends and counselors, the trips and all the activities. These days we live in Florida, but Sammi and Jake make it up to visit Grandma and Grandpa every summer and enjoy Camp Ramaquois every summer like I did yrs ago. Arthur and Natalie have a great team in place and I am proud to call them friends as well. 
Mike O. (Alumnus – 43)

Some of the best times of my life were spent during my 16 summers at Camp Ramaquois. The fact that I am still very close with so many people from those years is a testament to how special Ramaquois truly is.
Brian N. (Alumnus – 39)

I have spent my last 8 summers at Ramaquois since I was 3 years old. It is just the best camp, I go back every summer.
Girl Side Camper (Camper)

I was a camper and counselor in the 80’s. Days at ramaquois were the best in my life at the time. My son now goes to Ramaquois….we thought it was awesome then. He loves it now!
Rochelle (Parent)

I met my husband there when he was 17 and I was 16. He was an Arts & Crafts counselor. I was a counselor for 6 year old boys. It was a great camp, and I have many fond memories of being at Ramaquois. 🙂
Julie (Alumnus)

2009 will be my 9th summer. I started as a Freshmen in 2001! Since then, I have made unbreakable friendships and I treasure all of the memories I’ve made there. I cannot wait to return for the summer of ’09. Ramaquois is my favorite place on Earth and ever summer spent there is 100 times as spectacular as the last. Everything from the special events to the trips to the amazing counselors. I love Ramaquois and I’ll be coming back for years and years to come.
Joslyn (Camper – 14)

I just wanted everyone to know that Camp Ramaquois was probably the greatest experience I had in my life growing up. I was a camper starting with the Musketeers in 1978 and when I finally “graduated” after my CAPS year, I stayed on as a counselor until I ultimately began law school in 1991. The friends I made during that period are still my best friends in the world, and although my wife doesn’t like it when I tell her that those were the best times of my life, I can honestly say that aside from getting married and watching my 4 children being born and grow up, the time that I had at Ramaquois was by far the best time of my entire life.
Rob G. (Alumnus – 41)

I am a former camper and counselor. My husband and I met at Ramaquois. Now, we are lucky enough to see the camp through the eyes of our children. We are a 3 generation Rama-Family (my dad worked there, and my mom worked AND went to Ramaquois when it was a sleep-away!) To say the camp is exceptional doesn’t even begin to cover it. Every year it gets better and better. The memories that our children are making will follow them forever. Ramaquois is a special part of our past, present and future! 
Jana E. (Alumnus – 37)

I love that the bus stops right in front of my building. It really puts my mind at ease.
Donna L. (Parent)

When you walk around Ramaquois, and meet the staff, you understand why Ramaquois is such a special place.
Lisa B. (Parent)

Camp Ramaquois has been my summer home for 14 years. I can’t even express how much Ramaquois has meant to me. It has helped me grow into the person I am today.
Jon H. (Staff Member – 21)

I Love Camp Ramaquois and I miss my campers so much. I can’t wait to see all of you next summer.
Lindsay (Staff Member)

“PRIDE” began as, and “OLD-er Pride” remains to be, the greatest friends and family anyone could ever ask for…
Jordan H. (Alumnus – 42)

I wait 10 months for 2! I love camp. 
Dani (Camper – 7)

Camp Ramaquois: The experience of a lifetime. One I will never forget.
Wendy C. (Alumnus)

Camp really taught me the meaning of friendship. I was always able to keep in touch with my friends and keep them close. I think the fact that I’m still friends and in touch with most of them is a testament to that!
Lili (Alumnus – 28)

I was a camper from 1985-1994 and have amazing memories. I have very fond memories of all my wonderful counselors. I’m so glad the next generation can have these memories as well.
Blair (Alumnus – 31)

My son came home every night talking about his amazing counselors. He still mentions them now, 5 months later!
Brenda L. (Parent)

I couldn’t be happier with Ramaquois. I love the communication, and most importantly, my daughter feels special when she goes to camp. We are a Rama-Family Forever!
Lauren F. (Parent)

Despite having friends from school and other job experiences, my closest friends are the ones I made while working at Ramaquois. They are the most genuine people I’ve ever met, and I think the shared passion for children and for the camp experience made our connections so much more authentic. I can’t imagine what a summer would be like anywhere else.
Jared (Staff Member – 39)

Best Camp Ever!
Zach M. (Camper – 10)

The best thing about Ramaquois was that as I got older, the program always changed so that it was new and exciting! I started when I was 4, and stayed until I was 15 and I never got bored! Best summers ever!!!
Rob (Alumnus – 34)