Cultural | Camp Ramaquois (Day Camp)



Camp is a great place to try new things! Whether it is at our petting zoo, karaoke studio or tech lab, we strive to provide campers with new and exciting experiences. Our cultural activities are designed to counter athletics in order to provide campers with a well-balanced, traditional camp program.

Our dedicated and experienced specialists teach campers everything from dance and music to teamwork and self-confidence. With over 75 different activities at camp, who knows what your child’s favorite will be?


  • Nature
  • Discovery Center
  • Cooking
  • Karaoke/Rock Band
  • Music on Parade
  • Theater and Performing Arts
  • Dance/Fitness
  • Tech Lab
  • Hobby Shop
  • Recreation Tent
  • Legos & Creative Play
  • Gymnastics
  • Chess