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Why is Ramaquois a Special Day Camp?

Posted by on January 3, 2011

I have been fortunate to watch so many children and young adults grow at Camp Ramaquois.  My oldest son will be starting his fifth summer at Ramaquois, and my youngest son will have his first day camp experience at Ramaquois this summer.

What happens at Ramaquois that makes camp such a valuable experience?  This is what I hear from our campers:

  • Ramaquois is a place where you can be unique.
  • You can be anyone and do anything.  Camp gives you a chance to re-invent yourself.
  • Making life-long friends is a priority that has been instilled in everyone that walks on the campgrounds.
  • The activities are great and the grounds are beautiful but it is the people that really make this camp so incredible.
  • School can be so stressful and coming to Ramaquois gives everyone the chance to learn something new in a fun atmosphere.
  • Coming to camp improves your independence, self confidence and decision making.
  • At camp you choose how you want to act. You choose your personality and attitude towards others.
  • From the lunchroom to the pools, everyone is one family and the minute you walk onto the grounds, there is a special energy that is impossible to miss.

This is what makes this camp so special, and why I am proud to be a part of the Ramaquois family.

***Editor’s Note: Scott Kaplan is an Assistant Director at Camp Ramaquois.  He started his Ramaquois career as a 15 year old camper in the CAP program.  Scott has not missed a summer at Ramaquois since then.  He has been a Group Counselor, Division Leader, Girls’ Side Director and is currently the Program Director and also works closely with Natalie Kessler in the adventure trip department.  In addition to his year round responsibilities at Ramaquois, Scott is a well respected social studies and economics teacher at Suffern High School.***