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Air Travel With Kids – 3 Tips To Surviving This Stress With Your Kids

Posted by on December 10, 2010

We know that many of our Ramaquois families will be traveling this holiday season.  Here is an interesting article we found about traveling with children!

by Miranda Xavier

Everyone needs time out sometimes, however, family holidays can often be more stressful than staying at home. A holiday should not be a relocation of the stress’s of home.

A bad flight can leave even the calmest of parents distraught. Apart from wishing that you had never left home, you know that there is a chance that the flight home may be just as bad.

Some families seem to find traveling easier than others. Here are my top tips to becoming one of those chilled, in control parents.

1. Be Organized – It is important to make sure that you are super organized. If you can’t find something you need you will be more likely to get stressed and will hence become less tolerant. Invest in a suitable bag with compartments which will have a place for everything and keep everything in its correct place.

2. Snack Food – Only pack snack food which are you sure will be a success. Take a range of foods. You will need some bribery foods, sweets or candy (consider choosing something which will last a little while such as a lollipop). You will also need some protein foods, no child can be happy if they are hungry and there is nothing better than protein to keep hunger at bay. Finally you will need something, such as crackers, which they can eat plenty of without making themselves feel sick.

3. Plan What Entertainment To Take With You – If you are taking toys, make sure that there are no parts which can get lost. Do not take any favorites as losing them can ruin the holiday. A good idea is to buy a new toy for the journey and give it to them when they need a distraction. To get the most out of the toy it is worth taking a few minuets to wrap it up to make it extra special.

It is important to remember that your holiday has already begun, and if you see this as a part of the holiday then you will take it slower and calmer. Try to enjoy it, play word games, play ‘rock, paper, scissors’ – take time to giggle with your children, it will make the journey pleasanter for all of you.

Finally, keep your expectations realistic. If you get through your air travel with the kids and there has been no shouting, no vomiting and minimal tears then you should consider this a success flight.

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