Lunch & Snacks | Camp Ramaquois (Day Camp)

Lunch & Snacks

Walk into the Ramaquois Dining Hall on a camp day, and you will feel the spirit and energy of Ramaquois.  No matter which side of camp is eating, you can be sure there will be singing, dancing, laughing and cheering – in true sleepaway camp style!

At Ramaquois, lunch is served family style.  Campers share a table with their friends and counselors.  Serving lunch family style helps to promote a community-centered experience. It also allows our counselors to politely encourage the campers to try new foods, make healthy choices and stay hydrated.

    • Newly renovated air-conditioned dining roomdolphins_lunch
    • Hot main course, salad, vegetable, dessert and beverage
    • Additional options available – pasta, soup, bagels, yogurt, cheeses, salad, etc.
    • Family style – waiter/waitress service
    • A nurse in the dining hall oversees special dietary needs (allergies, lactose intolerance, gluten free, etc..)
    • Nut aware – we do not serve peanut butter or nuts of any kind
    • All camp BBQ on Fridays (substitutes available)
    • Separate menu for Jr. Campers
    • Fresh fruit available throughout the day!

Snacks are served each morning and afternoon.  Fruit is always available and encouraged!!